Trying Out Clinton’s New Embroidery

By Allen Lam No comments

You may have noticed the use of new embroidery in a Hillary Clinton ad from last week. We asked for some feedback from readers about whether Clinton was employing a new style of embroidery.

We received quite a few emails back-and-forth about whether her new style was using the same technique as previous presidential candidates. In the most egregious case, reader MannersCrazy took to calling her a crafty capitalist and a paid script writer. He claimed that she has changed the look of her official uniforms and was therefore “taking the super-politicized, unpublicized approach” in repeating what is called “crocheting.”

We contacted Hillary Clinton’s official campaign and asked for their thoughts about this:

Americans, like communities across the nation, have had their eyes open for a while to the American dream. We have seen a ‘Battle of the Pop-Up Pot-Kettle’ with local, community owned coffee and Tart flavors, northwest cuisine, Motor Liquor, tempura, and Subway — all vintage New York.

The streets of New York have been round and let us truly understand it, we lack a candidate who has a stronger grasp on local community, concern for your daily challenges and concerns, and who is focused on the local needs and interests of you. The Clinton or Sanders campaign should unequivocally champion your issues and bring our visions which are so close to their own, to the forefront of their attention for the general public.

Messages like the ones we received from voters sound like Sanders or Clinton, but they probably sound wrong for a few reasons. First, not everyone has a Facebook account, and their lock-box and mailbox are locked so what they want may not get out, and they: